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The HSAS Response to Hurricane Ian

Clara Bonfili, Grade 9, Staff Writer


Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on September 28. It tore its way across the state, wreaking havoc in communities and leaving destruction in its path. Experts are currently estimating that the property damage caused by hurricane Ian will cap at about $67 billion. Thousands of people lost homes, family, and stability due to the hurricane.

Students at the High School of American Studies know little about the severity of this damage. Students appear to be aware that the hurricane hurt the people of Florida, but they do not know the full impact of the hurricane or what to do to help.

“To be honest I just know it [the hurricane] existed, I don't know anything else about it or the damage it caused,” explained Isabella Diaz (‘26), a ninth grader at HSAS. This sentiment was shared by the other polled students, with some even joking about the situation.

Making a donation to the Red Cross or to The Florida Disaster Fund can help relieve the stress caused by the hurricane. These reputable organizations work towards getting the people of Florida the supplies they need in these challenging times.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian

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