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Current Events Summary

Mirabelle Medwed, Grade 9, Staff Writer


US News:

In the Iowa caucuses, the first event of the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary, former President Donald Trump defeated his competitors. The support for Trump in the Iowa caucuses helped to catapult him into the lead in the race to be Republican nominee.

Trump also made news for challenging the prosecutors in his legal trial in Fulton County Georgia. Trump’s lawyers and co-defendants called for the disqualification of district attorney, Fani T. Willis, and special prosecutor Nathan J. Wade, due to a romantic and financial relationship between the two. Though the prosecutors have fended off the accusations by stating that they are no longer involved romantically, if the two were disqualified, the case would be delayed and severely thrown off balance.

Since the pandemic, border restrictions were lifted and the number of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has dramatically increased. Due to an overwhelmed immigration system, migrants requesting asylum have to wait years for a court date to determine whether they can stay in the U.S. Despite President Biden and his administration’s goals of handling the situation through legislation, they have struggled to respond effectively as a result of a torn congress.

Global News:

The Houthi, an Iranian- supported militia that has attacked commercial ships in the Red Sea to protest Israel's war on Palestine, faced resistance from the U.S. and allies. As of mid-January, the U.S. and allies have struck more than 60 targets at 16 Iranian-backed locations, and they have continued to strike into late February.

In a remote American outpost in Jordan, three U.S. service members were killed and at least 34 injured in a drone attack by an Iranian-backed militia protesting American and Israeli action. With the increasing tension in the Middle East, pressure has been placed on President Biden to resist Iran more forcefully, but both America and Iran have stated they don’t want to go to war. The Iran-supported militia claimed responsibility for the incident, but claimed it would not target American bases going forward.

Located in southern Gaza, Rafah is a densely populated city home to more than half of Gaza’s total population. Due to the large population, many worry about Israel's plan for a land invasion of Rafah. Prime Minister Netenyahu of Israel has called for the military to plan an evacuation of civilians in the Rafah region. An invasion of Rafah would be devastating, leading many world powers, including allies of Israel, to oppose the proposed invasion.

Miscellaneous News:

The U.S. conservative Supreme Court is aiming to overturn Chevron v. Natural Resources, which would make it difficult for the Federal Government to regulate interaction between the economy and environment.

In a Senate Judiciary Hearing on child safety, CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, apologized to the families of victims who have suffered from underage sexual exploitation online.

The American Museum of Natural History has shut down the Eastern Woodlands and Great Plains halls due to new federal regulations ordering for the sacred objects of Native American tribes to be returned.

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