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Aislinn Moloney, Grade 12, Staff Writer


Students, forced to burn the midnight candle to get all of their twenty page Mansdorf essays and Yanek labs done, often show up to school sleep deprived to say the least. Normally, their teacher, however, would wake up a tired student falling asleep in class with the now viral HSAS ‘sleepyheads’ Instagram account, public perception sleeping in class has totally changed.

The sleepy heads account, run by an anonymous HSAS student, captures some formerly unlucky students that conked out in the middle of class. Junior Abraham Lincoln (‘25) told Common Sense how he felt about his feature on the account, “At first I was heartbroken that I was caught schlumped in algebra two, but ever since the post started going viral I have a whole new mindset about sleeping in class!"

With the Instagram now reaching a whopping two million followers, HSAS students are dying to receive their five seconds of fame by being posted to the account.

Senior John Adams (‘24) told Common Sense, “I purposefully stay up all night playing Fortnite so that I'll be tired enough to fall right to sleep when I get to school in the morning.” Sophomore Herbert Hoover (‘26) shared a similar narrative, “I pregame school by taking six melatonin gummies on the four train. I have to make sure I'm sleepy enough for class!” Not only has the rise in popularity of sleepyheads account encouraged some students to new heights of sleep deprivation, but it has also even enticed some students to the school itself. Freshman Richard Nixon (‘27) told Common Sense, “I only applied to this school to go viral on the ‘HSAS sleepyheads’ account. I mean, I don't even like US history but I'll read all of the fifteen page document packets in the world if it means I get a feature.”

Teachers' responses to this new wave of sleepiness may be as equally surprising as the account itself going viral. Resident US History teacher George Washington told Common Sense, “I stopped drinking my morning coffee because, oh what the heck, I want a feature too! Imagine the type of clout I could get in the teachers’ lounge if I had a sleepyheads post with over five hundred thousand likes. They would eat that UP!”

The HSAS sleepy heads Instagram account has clearly made a long lasting impression. Sleeping in class is officially ‘in style’ and without a doubt the public can expect plenty of upcoming content from the account as a slumber falls over the entire school.

HSAS Sleepy Heads find a home on Instagram


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