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Noah Kao, Grade 12, Staff Writer


Just recently, Lehman College’s upper cafeteria was awarded its first Michelin Star for excellent

cooking and customer service. A staple at the High School of American Studies, Common Sense set out to find out what made the cafeterias' food so special to HSAS students and food critics alike. Lunchtime at the High School of American Studies at Lehman College often begins with a scramble to Lehman, where the glorious cafeteria awaits. In an interview with students at HSAS, Common

Sense discovered how much anticipation brews amongst students and faculty when it is time for third and fourth period.

David Sung (‘24) told Common Sense, “My favorite part of the day is eating the Lehman College cafeteria pizza. I’d trade my first-born child if I could relive eating my first slice from the cafeteria. It’s that good.”

This Seniors long held sentiment seems to have radiated not just across the school, but throughout the New York City Tribeca area as well. Lehman College’s cafeteria transformed overnight from a High School Cafeteria to a Michelin Star restaurant. Students now must enter a 7-week long waitlist, just to dine at the fine establishment.

When questioned about the cafeteria, Ben Simmons (‘27) told Common Sense, “The transformation of Lehman College’s cafeteria is truly unbelievable. Their Michelin Star is truly deserving of, and I’m happy to support such an establishment.”

Another student, Lebron James (‘26) stated, “Whenever I go on a first date, I bring out all the stops. I took my now girlfriend on our first date to Lehman College’s Cafeteria. It was so romantic, we were able to get knockoff chipotle and spoon feed one another. I think that cafeteria was what really blossomed our relationship, and to that I’m very grateful for.”

With its recent fame however, has come a surcharge in prices - which has left students and faculty alike penniless. Common Sense found that a pepperoni slice from the Cafeteria jumped from $3.50 to

$24.99 ever since they were awarded their first Michelin Star. Very little has changed with this price jump however, the rebrand from high school cafeteria to upscale dining restaurant is apparent. The pizza station has turned from “Pizza Station” to “Artisanal Flatbread Station”. The Cafeterias famous Bacon Egg & Cheese now has its own waitlist, with times reaching upwards of 13 weeks.

Not everyone is happy with this change however. In an interview with the President of the Department of Education's BEC Association, James Harden stated, “This is outrageous. A bacon egg and cheese sandwich is a staple of not just New York City, but humanity and the pursuit of happiness.”

Common Sense interviewed Victor Wembanyama (‘28), who stated, “The food was good, but not that good. The cafeteria will always be a cafeteria, never a fine dining restaurant.”

Regardless of these differing sentiments, it is apparent that Lehman College Cafeteria’s rise to fame was well deserved and will continue to serve the students of HSAS for a longtime to come.


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