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HSAS Students Voice Opinions on New Biden Administration

Common Sense asked students at The High School of American Studies to share their hopes and concerns about the new Biden Administration. Their responses are as follows:


“I’m looking forward to having a president who trusts science instead of fighting it.” - Talia Homer, Grade 11

“I’m worried Biden will not take climate change as seriously as he did campaigning.” - Kathleen Halley-Segal, Grade 9

“I’m looking forward to having competent officials in office.” - Elizabeth Murray, Grade 11

“I’m hopeful that the new administration will control the pandemic so we can all get our lives back. I’m also hopeful that some of the polarization that our country is experiencing right now will die down.” - Laura Yam, Grade 11

“I hope there is a specific and aggressive plan relating to climate change.” - Noa Greene-Houvras, Grade 9

“I am definitely looking forward to an administration that keeps the well-being and best interest of the population at the forefront of their minds. Hopefully, we will be able to hold the Biden Administration accountable and have them effect positive change.” - Anya Mateu-Asbury, Grade 11

“I wonder what Biden will do about Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court.” - Lisa Dang, Grade 11


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