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HSAS Students Share Opinions, Concerns about New Mayor

Jackson Parker, Grade 10, Staff Writer


Eric Leroy Adams —former police captain of the New York Police Department — is the new Democratic mayor of New York City. His decisions, good and bad, will soon play a major role in the city High School of American Studies students call home. Many students have strong opinions regarding his past and future leadership.

One of the most well-known and controversial aspects of his ascent to power is his police background. He served nearly 22 years, starting in the transit police and eventually becoming a captain within the NYPD. His history in law enforcement, along with his statements on the efficacy of stop and frisk, has left a sour taste in the mouths of the HSAS student body.

“I know he’s [Adams is] a former cop, and I don’t know how that will affect him as a mayor,” said Huckleberry Hannemann, a sophomore. “I’m really afraid that he might favor the police over other aspects of the government.” However, Hannemann did express that this did not mean he supported Adams’ soon-to-be predecessor DeBlasio, bluntly stating, “I hate DeBlasio.”

Sophomore Wahidur Rahman echoed Hannsemann’s concerns about Adams lending support to the NYPD. “He’s gonna try to increase the police force,” he said. “We need to lower funding.”

Rahman also complained, “He’s trying to get rid of summer vacation!” This complaint highlights another key issue HSAS students have with Adams: his education policy. On Adams’ website, he states he wishes to “significantly expand learning options in the summer to prevent the summer slide and provide parents with more choices.” Adams has toyed with the idea of online mandatory year-round school on several occasions. This is worrying for many students of all ages, who cherished their two-month summer vacation.

Adams is set to take office on January 1, 2022. Students at HSAS are eager to see how his first actions as mayor will reverberate through the city.

HSAS students expressed concerns about Eric Adams surrounding his police background and his plans for the NYC school system.


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