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HSAS’s Fall Sports Season is Back and Stronger Than Ever

Joyce Lee, Grade 10, Staff Writer


The fall sports season at the High School of American Studies has, unfortunately, come to an end. However, all the teams ended their seasons on a solid note.

The girls’ varsity tennis team made waves during the regular season, beating traditionally top-tier schools like Stuyvesant and Hunter, and had a significant playoff run to the city quarterfinals.

The cross-country teams are coming in with new times, each better than before.

Finally, the bowling team, who came in first place in their league, Bronx II, impressed everyone. The HSAS teams dominated and created high expectations for the seasons to come.

Interviews with some of the athletes show how much effort was put into coming this far.

Haley Rodriguez (‘25), a sophomore runner, said she first started running solely as a short distance runner. However, after receiving help from Coach Iurato, the girls’ cross country Head Coach, she was able to push herself and run longer distances.

Rodriguez represents HSAS as one of our top runners. She states that she had a great time this season on the team and would like to introduce this sport to more people because “cross country is like a family and, accompanied with the scenery on our runs, it makes it all the more worthwhile”.

Sophomore boys cross country runners agreed with the statements that this year, that a lot of effort was put into their races both by Head Coach Elinson and the runners. During practices, they would work strenuously to improve their stamina. Nevertheless, they do not regret pushing themselves because their “efforts paid off during the races and the practices were all worth it,” placing 2nd in the Bronx among sophomore teams.

HSAS junior and girls tennis doubles player, Jolie Futterman (‘24), says that playing on the team this season has contributed significantly to her skills as a tennis player and allowed her to form important connections and friendships with other players.

Futterman states that “my doubles partner and I grew a lot as a team this year. I am proud of how far we have come.” Futterman adds that she will miss the current team next year due to the amount of time she spent with her teammates.

Head Coach Schulman, the coach of the girls’ tennis team, expressed his happiness about their victories against top schools and for playing very competitively this season.

The HSAS sports teams made outstanding plays during this fall season, leaving students and teachers amazed. The fall season is only the beginning for the HSAS sports teams and the winter season will be another step towards a very successful athletics year here at HSAS

The HSAS Girls Tennis Team

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