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An Interview With the HSAS Bowling Team

Sebastian Kopp, Grade 9, Staff Writer


The HSAS bowling team is made up of twelve members, spread throughout the different grades. It consists of seniors Nathalia Dominguez (‘24), David Castelan (‘24), Noah Connoly (‘24), Nora Demak (‘24), Marmo Jeffreys (‘24), Erenei Ligh (‘24), Adin Linden (‘24), Gabo Magnasco-Fariñas (‘24), Jordyn Sickle (‘24), Brianna Wu (‘24), and Amy Yu (‘24). It also consists of juniors Simon Feldman (‘25) and Philip Lopez (‘25), along with freshman Sebastian Kopp (‘27).

On the way to our final game, I asked some of the seniors a couple of questions. I first asked if there is anything about the team that everyone should know, even if they don't follow bowling. Jordyn Sickle (‘24) said that “[m]ost people on the team are really committed and we always try our hardest.” Senior Gabo Magnasco- Fariñas (‘24) agreed with this, adding that the team is the “[b]est team in the Bronx.”

The next question I asked was what the team's thoughts are on their new coach, Mr. Valerio. Senior and Team Captain Nathalia Dominguez (‘24) responded positively, saying “[h]e's way better than our previous coach,” and Jordyn said that “Valerio is great. He advocates for us, always shows up for games, and is a seasoned professional.”

The third question I asked was about how competitive the team is. Nathalia told me that “[t]he team is really competitive, but also very collaborative.” Gabo said that “[a]s a team, we are really competitive, but as teammates we build each other up.”

The last question that I asked the seniors of the team was what their thoughts were going into their final game as a member of the HSAS bowling team. Amy Yu (‘24) told me that she “hope[s] we win and have a good time in our last game.” Gabo’s response was a bit more determined, and the only thing that he said was “Win. Nothing but win.” Jordyn’s response was similar to Amy’s as she said that she’s “excited and ready to win.” The final person to respond was Nathalia. She kept it simple, saying that “[i]t’s bittersweet.” Finally, I asked the coach, Mr. Valerio, if he had anything to say about the team. He had quite a few things to say.

“Under the leadership of senior athletes, the bowling team brought back excitement about the sport to HSAS! From ending the season above 500, to competing in the Borough’s and City’s individual championships, the teams’ camaraderie and support for each other on the lanes made us stronger. I am excited to continue to build on the team’s success during the upcoming season!”

I’ve had a great time on the team this season and met some amazing people. Even though we’ll have to find new team members, I’m looking forward to next season! And to the seniors of the team moving on to college, I wish you the best of luck!

The HSAS Bowling Team

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