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High School of American Studies English Dictionary The Definitive Record Of HSAS Language

Isaiah Rosenn, Grade 11, Staff Writer


Train delays


Noun: a half true occurrence that can cause 5-55 minute lateness to school

“Sorry I missed first period gym, there was a train delay.”

I did the reading


Phrase: a thing to say when Spark Notes came in clutch

“I did the reading on the train to school, and it took me five minutes.”



Noun: a student who ranked Bronx Science first and did not get in

“The STEM-kids are ogling Bronx Science again.”

Lunch boundaries


Noun: a system run on a strict don’t-ask don’t-tell basis

“I totally brought the diner food from home because I would never break the lunch boundaries.”

The Science Office


Noun: a secret cult inside the school

“I heard the science teachers reciting ritual chants in the science office through the vents in the girls’ bathroom.”

Student drivers


Noun: people plaguing the Bronx with the intent to kill

“Another HSAS student almost got hit by a car yesterday because of the student drivers.”

I left it at home


Phrase: if you know you know

“Sorry I can’t turn the assignment in because I left it at home.”

Harris bathrooms


Noun: an off-putting scene full of the unknown

“He was never heard from again after going into the Harris bathrooms.”

Spinny chairs


Noun: the holy grail for bored students

“I bet him $10 he couldn’t ride one of the spinny chairs all the way down the hallway in one go.”

Disco to Obama


Noun: a free period

“I was wondering why those three senior boys were roaming the halls and then I remembered they had Disco to Obama.”

Air purifier


Noun: DOE eye candy

“I think that air purifier has been unplugged for three months.”

Checking Google Classroom


Verb: to be texting someone

“Sorry I had my phone out, I was just checking Google Classroom.”

Walk to Art


Verb: to sprint or power walk to ensure you don’t get locked out

“I pulled my hamstring on my walk to art yesterday.”

The toolshed


Noun: our lovely preschool looking highschool

“I love the toolshed’s new fluorescent lighting.”


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