Spotlight Interview with New HSAS Biology Teacher Ms. Thankachan

Isabel Frei and Fiona Shuldiner, Grade 9, Staff Writers


Being new to a school is always challenging, whether you’re a student or a member of the faculty. We decided to meet with the new freshmen biology teacher, Ms. Thankachan, to learn more about her experience so far at HSAS.

Q: What inspired you to teach?

A: Oh boy, a lot. There was actually a microbiology class [in college] that was amazing and everything about it was really cool; explaining it to other people was really exciting. 

Q: What’s your teaching philosophy? Do you have one thing that you always stand by?

A: Integrity is important no matter what subject, no matter what grade. Being able to learn and then being able to analyze and do your own work is important.

Q: Why did you choose biology to teach? 

A: I just always loved figuring out how things worked and all the explanations on how living things worked has always fascinated me.

Q: What did you do before HSAS?

A: I taught at Lehman College and before that I was doing my undergrad and grad school at Lehman.

Q: Why did you pick HSAS? Was it because of your experience at Lehman?

Mr. Weiss actually called me up so I can’t say that I was really seeking out HSAS.  

Q: Do you like HSAS so far?

A: Yes, it’s been great.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

A: All the new minds I get to meet and being able to see how they work. It’s great, it’s very cool.

Q: Was this your childhood dream job?

A: No actually, medicine was my dream job and then I realized, oh no I have to deal with too many bodily fluids. 

Q: What are two fun facts about you––things you believe people might be interested to know?

A: I love food, all different kinds of food. What else, I want to go to Antarctica one day.