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Nick Paldino: The Newest Member of the HSAS Team!

Evalina Lock, Grade 10, Staff Writer


We are so excited to welcome HSAS’ newest member of the office, Mr. Nick Paldino, into the HSAS community.  

Mr. Paldino was born and raised in the Bronx, specifically in Throgs Neck.  Even before working at HSAS, he had many connections to the school. In fact, one of HSAS’ very own teachers, Mr. Elinson, actually taught him in middle school. Additionally, his brother is an alumnus of High School of American Studies, and graduated with the Class of 2007.  

Before coming to HSAS, he worked in a tax office. “It was a seasonal job,” he said, and his work involved doing income taxes.  

At HSAS, he is in charge of setting up the lunches every day.  During your lunch period, you will most likely see him sitting near the free lunches available to HSAS students daily.  Mr. Paldino also does office work, like managing the attendance every afternoon and answering phone calls.


Mr. Paldino appreciates the benefits of his job, and loves working at HSAS.  He says, “It is good to get into the Board of Education. They have good benefits and summers off. There are also many advancement opportunities.” 

Mr. Paldino is happy to join the HSAS community, telling Common Sense: “I love it here! It’s awesome, and a great school.”  

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