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Lehman College Cafeteria: Hot or Not?

Sabrina Silbert and Gianna Perlman, Grade 11, Staff Writers


Juniors and underclassmen at HSAS have frequently heard the class of 2023 reminisce about the Lehman College campus cafeteria, which shut down during the pandemic and wasn’t able to reopen until this year.

The cafeteria offered a range of foods from pizza, to rice and chicken, to salads, sandwiches, and sushi. With its return in November of 2022, it’s clear that the cafeteria is unquestionably a part of the HSAS experience. The only dilemma is, what to get first?

The cafeteria has a wide selection of foods, but the pizza is definitely the most famous. The pizza is handmade, decently sized, and $3 per slice, on par with the constantly crowded Jerome Avenue pizza place, but a much closer walk.

At the grill station, junior Darlina Noi described the hamburgers to be “delicious, with tomato and lettuce and other toppings,” though another junior, Naomi Turay, said that the cheese fries “could give you heart failure.”

Despite the new plethora of food options, students have found that the main drawback of the cafeteria is long wait times for food and checking out, especially because only one cash register is currently open.

Although the new cafeteria may not have reached the high expectations of those who had experienced it before the pandemic, for most students, it is a great alternative lunch for those who choose not to bring food from home or take school lunch.

The cafeteria has already begun to expand its selection to include more salads, sandwiches, yogurt, and hot foods. If you are ever bored of the typical lunch places near the school or of your packed lunch, we definitely recommend trying the new cafeteria!

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