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Interview With Mr. Yanek

Camila Slatopolsky, Grade 11, Staff Writer


Mr. Yanek is the High School of American Studies’ new physics teacher! The namesake of Ms. Vivaldi’s iconic Pterodactyl and a self-proclaimed Polymath, we had a lot to talk to him about!

Q: How long ago did you start teaching?

A: I have been teaching for 24 years.

Q: What made you want to teach?

A: I wanted to work with people. Teaching is a very rewarding profession for many reasons. One of my favorite things about teaching is that it satisfies the creative urge.

Q: What made you want to teach physics?

A: Biology is really just chemistry, and chemistry is really just physics. Physics lies beneath all things. Another great thing about physics is that there is still a lot left to discover. Many of the big questions have yet to be answered, and others are being answered unconvincingly.

Q: If you could have chosen any other profession, what would it be and why?

A: Perhaps electrical engineer. Electronics is fascinating.

Q: What made you want to come to HSAS?

A: For a long time I taught both Chemistry and Physics, but eventually my program became only Chemistry and IB Chemistry. I missed Physics, so when I heard about the opportunity at HSAS, I jumped at it. I love Chemistry, too, and I’ll miss it. But my heart is Physics.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a teacher?

A: Committed.

Mr. Yanek with his stuffed friend, Ms. Vivaldi

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