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Cooking with a Microwave in the Cafeteria: What Can You Make?

Evalina Lock, Grade 10, Staff Writer


Students at the High School of American Studies use the Lehman College campus frequently throughout the school day. The college cafeteria is one of the more popular locations on campus, as it is where most HSAS students go to eat their lunch. The Lehman cafeteria has much to offer, including snacks and hot food. It also has a microwave, which all students are allowed to use.  

Having a microwave available is a great asset to many students, as it allows them to heat up their food and enjoy a more tasty lunch. There are many quick and easy things to make in a microwave. 


One popular food you can make in the microwave is ramen. Instant ramen - a delicious Japanese noodle soup - comes in individual pre-made packets. All you have to do is pour the packet into water and microwave it for a minute or two. 

A group of 9th grade students at the High School of American Studies were inspired by the popular cookie dough trend on TikTok, and now cook weekly using the microwave.  They have an Instagram account (@hsas.whipitupwednesday) where they record and post all of the food they make. 

These freshmen chefs get creative when cooking, and use the microwaves to make assortments of different foods, as you can see on their Instagram page.  So far, the microwave has been beneficial to the group, and they are excited to continue trying out new recipes and ideas this year.  An anonymous member of the group said, “We were excited about having a microwave at school…and we wanted a silly activity to fill out time. We started this just for fun and we are so glad that other people enjoy it too!”

These are just a few of the many ways the microwave is beneficial to HSAS students at lunchtime.  I encourage you to check the microwave out, and try using it to make your lunch even more enjoyable!

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