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A Look Inside Our Student Government

Maya Brener, Grade 10, Staff Writer


Picnics, fests, homecoming, coffee, games, spirit weeks. Here at the High School of American Studies, these events are widely enjoyed. We eat the food. We arrive to a hallway full of decorations. But do we ever see what’s behind it all? The extra early arrival to make sure the hallway is ready for the early flow of students. The hours of planning and budgeting for coffee mornings and spirit days. As the student body, we don’t get to see the work our student government puts into all the experiences we get to enjoy.

To help students get a better understanding of how their government runs, all are welcome to observe meetings. The meeting starts off with all members situated in a circle with the President, Sienna Lipton, and the Vice President, Gabi McBride, at the head. A list is assembled of topics to discuss and they work their way through each. Sophomore Representative Haley Rodriguez explained the process. She said that members will “throw around an idea, ask questions, [and] talk about each grade’s concerns and any issues.” This can include themes, budgets, and any technicalities. Rodriguez added that throughout the meeting, Sienna and Gabi both emphasize the need for group discussion, making sure that all ideas were being heard and discussed.

Alistair Grossman, our other Sophomore Representative, wanted to be a part of student government to plan events and bolster school spirit. Even with the school year just starting, the government seems to be doing just that! With the Monday coffee station starting again, homecoming all the rage, this government is hard at work. “In a specialized high school with constant work and rough competition, we just want to make sure everyone is having a good time and a memorable high school experience,” Rodriguez explained. Student government aims to build a strong school community through school events.

The student government focuses on the student body’s voice. They work to incorporate student ideas, solve student issues, and, most importantly, listen and communicate with students. Alistair agreed that he prioritizes the student body and is happy when his peers come to him with ideas and suggestions. Students have asked about the lack of printers and issues with the Google Classroom, both of which he has asked about in meetings. The main purpose of the grade representative is to advocate for their peers. By having strong communication with the student body, the government is able to better represent and adhere to their needs.

The student government works with not only students, but also some faculty to ensure efficiency. Mr. Iurato, their faculty advisor, sits in on meetings to offer feedback, answer questions, and bring a faculty perspective into discussions. Meetings are also held occasionally with Mr. Weiss when needed.

The student government believes they work to unify the school and give students the best high school experience they can with limited resources. When asked about their favorite parts of student government, representatives responded by sharing that they enjoyed giving back to their school and community. Haley Rodriguez stated that, while it might not always seem like it, “the student government is always behind you and HSAS!”

(Most of) Student Government at Homecoming on November 10

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