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Getting to Know Señor Peña

Frances Grodsky, Grade 10, Staff Writer


The High School of American Studies welcomed many new faces this September, including a new Spanish Language teacher and a Bronx native, Alejandro Peña.

Señor Peña is no stranger to Bedford Park Boulevard. He received his Bachelor's and his two Master’s degrees from Lehman College. After completing his education, he worked at another Bronx high school for ten years. While Señor Peña is a Spanish teacher at HSAS, he has previously taught French Language courses as well.

His interest in language doesn’t stop in the classroom. He loves to travel internationally, saying, “I like to buy a plane ticket and go to another country,” when asked what he loves to do in his free time.

His favorite destinations include Europe, as he loves to explore different cultures, and the Caribbean, because he loves the beaches.

Sr. Peña shares that he also loves to shop in his free time and describes shopping as his “cardio.” Most days you will see Señor Peña wearing Zara, as he says it is his favorite store.

Señor Peña shares that he is loving the culture at HSAS. He looks forward to coming to work every day, telling Common Sense: “I love the students here, I think they are phenomenal.

The feeling is mutual. Students love the energy that he brings to the classroom. One sophomore said, “I’m excited to go to Spanish class. Sr. Peña makes it so much fun!”

Señor Peña is looking forward to watching his students become successful, saying that is his main goal. “I can’t wait to see all my students graduate and go to great colleges,” he said when asked what he was excited about. Señor Peña is a dedicated teacher, who makes the classroom more fun. HSAS is very lucky to have him.

Sr. Peña and some of his AP Students

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