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Bros Movie Review (Spoilers Ahead)

Jessi Zheng, Grade 10, Staff Writer


Billy Eichner’s recent film Bros is a hilarious and emotional gay rom-com. Bros follows the story of Bobby Leiber, a popular podcast host and director of the upcoming first national LGBTQ+ history and culture museum, and Aaron, a country music-loving lawyer.

The two have a “meet-cute” in a club, but Aaron pulls two disappearing acts on Bobby in one night. Their story continues to develop as they begin messaging each other after Aaron gets Bobby’s phone number from their mutual friend.

As the film progresses, the viewers begin to get an inside glimpse of the two’s life stories and fears. Bobby has a constant fear that Aaron doesn’t “actually” like him and would much rather prefer to be off with Josh Evans, Aaron’s old crush from high school. Bobby’s insecurity stems from Aaron’s usual interest in big, strong, macho men, opposed to Bobby’s frail build and more theatrical personality.

Aaron, on the other hand, has intense commitment issues and is constantly reminding viewers that he does not want to settle down. In a hilarious heart-to-heart with Bobby as they are lying in bed, Aaron reveals his secret passion for chocolate and opens up about his fear of being stuck in a job he despises for the rest of his life.

When Bobby meets Aaron’s parents for the first time, Aaron becomes annoyed at Bobby and tells him to tone it down, as he fears his parents will be uncomfortable with Bobby’s constant talking of gay history and disapprove of Bobby.

Despite my personal positive review of Bros and the hype surrounding its release by the cast members, the movie turned out to be a box office bust.

On the weekend of its box office release, Bros grossed a mere $4.8 million in comparison to its $22 million budget. In the weeks following its release, it managed to muster a gross of $7 million, less than half of its opening weekend gross. However, despite its disappointing performance in theatres, it has still had a profound impact on the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the media, being the first gay rom-com produced by a major studio and the first studio film to be both produced by an openly gay man and starring an openly gay man.

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